Christ Redeemer was founded in 2014 as an independent congregation in the Reformed tradition. In 2017 CRPC was received as a member church into the Athanasius Presbytery of the Communion of Reformed and Evangelical Churches (CREC). 

Rev. Randy Wilding was installed as the first pastor of Christ Redeemer Presbyterian Church on February 8, 2014. He retired from full-time ministry in January of 2018 and was succeeded as pastor by Rev. Jimmy Gill.

Christ Redeemer self-consciously seeks to recapture the best of ancient Christian worship in the framework of Reformed theology. We understand worship to be an act of offering sacrifice and praise to God.  As a priority in the Christian life, worship is guided by Biblical principles, not by trends in popular culture at a particular time and place. At the heart of Christian worship is a humble approach to God with holy awe. The proclamation of God’s Word sealed to us in the sacraments of Christian Baptism and the Lord’s Supper provides a central place in our Christian growth toward maturity.


All are welcome to join us every Lord's Day as our gracious God calls us into His presence, cleanses us of our sins, consecrates us by His word, communes with us at His Table, and commissions us to do His work with His blessing.