Peace with God

In the midst of all the political and societal turmoil around us, Epiphany reminds us that Jesus and his life-giving word are the only source of salvation. In the midst of all the personal and relational struggles we face, Epiphany reminds us that Jesus alone can bring us peace with God, with one another, and with our own hearts.

Excessive fear and anxiety very often reveal a lack of peace with God due to a guilty conscience or a failure to trust God's promises. The inability to live at peace with family members, neighbors, or others usually indicates that we love the praise of men too much and put too much stock in what others think about us. Self-hatred, bitterness, and sinful anger are often signs that we are aware of our own flaws and failings but are trying to deal with them in our own strength. Most of the sinful behaviors in our culture and in our own lives are an attempt to silence a guilty conscience or find peace apart from Christ. There is no peace apart from the Prince of Peace. Jesus' sinless life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection have set us free from guilt, fear, and self-righteousness. Cling to that hope and rejoice in the freedom of God's favor. 

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