Women in Combat

There has been much in the media lately about women in the armed forces as President Biden pushes the military to become as woke as possible. While some conservatives are pushing back, the vast majority of social/cultural conservatives are overlooking or ignoring the teaching of Scripture on the matter. Our denomination, the Communion of Reformed and Evangelical Churches (CREC), has this official statement in its governing documents: "It is not lawful for women to be mustered for combat service, for our Lord has declared it an abomination for women to don the martial attire of a man (Deut 22:5). Christian fathers must protect their daughters from being seduced or coerced into such a circumstance, and the Church must support them as they do so. It is the duty of men not women to protect their countries (Jer 51:30)."

If you're interested in understanding the arguments behind this position and this interpretation of Deut. 22:5, I highly recommend this brief article (click here) or this audio version of the same article (click here). Click here to read some insightful observations from a Christian woman who served in the military and as a police officer before realizing that these inherently masculine jobs were destroying her God-given femininity.  

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