Baptism is the entrance to the Church and the beginning of a life-long school of discipleship. The word disciple in the New Testament literally means "learner". This is why the Great Commission of Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20) places baptism first and then requires instruction in all of Jesus' commands. Baptism is not a graduation diploma for those who've mastered all the information. It's more like one's enrollment in a program of total life transformation.

Toward this end, Christ Redeemer offers Christian education opportunities for all ages at 10am every week. Our elders and various adult volunteers teach the adults the life-shaping truths of the Word of God. 

Infants and Toddler  --  Fellowship Hall nursery

Pre-School  --  Upstairs, Room 1

Elementary  --  Upstairs, Room 2

Youth  --  Conference Room

Adults  --  Fellowship Hall